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Breast Milk Jewelry

Design Guide

Welcome to Wild Flowers & Milk™ Breastmilk Jewelry Design Guide! Each piece is a unique celebration of your journey. Explore our beautiful inclusion options carefully before ordering, as changes may not always be possible.

Classic vs Shimmer

All pieces offer the option of a matching Shimmer to enhance the chosen metal color (e.g., band or chain color) during customization. Shimmer will add a lovely iridescent depth to your piece. One of my personal favorite inclusions!

No Shimmer

Customize with


Gold | Silver | Copper

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Opal Flakes

Opal adds a little bit of sparkle! It can be added throughout your stone or be concentrated to a specific area.

Customize with


We offer an extensive selection of flowers for you to choose from, or you can provide your own. Opt for crushed petals, fuller blooms, or request a special design

Creating with meaning

Birth Flowers

We have all 12 months of birth flowers + many others ready for you to mix and match to bring your piece to life.

customize with

lock of hair

Including hair in your piece is an option. Simply tie a small lock of hair with string – even as few as 20 strands are sufficient. Hair may appear darker or lighter inside the stone. Please note: not all hair textures will curl.

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Placenta or umbilical cord

There are various ways to include placenta and cord, such as clustering it with other inclusions, scattering it throughout the stone, or placing it along the side. We require about half of a capsule full for the creation process or just a small piece of the cord stump.

Honor & Celebrate them


Personalized pieces using either solely your loved one's ashes or a combination of their ashes and your breast milk. Each set of ashes is unique, showcasing distinct color tones. Some sets appear sandy, while others feature larger chunks that can be extracted. Approximately 1/2 a teaspoon of ashes is needed for the creation process.

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