Thanks for stopping by! Here is a quick overview of how it works here at Wild Flowers & Milk™
You’ll place your order directly on our website. Within 48 hours you’ll get a detailed mail with a prepaid mailing label (if you’re in the US) and directions on how to package your milk. 

Mailing milk is easy! It does NOT need to be shipped cold. Milk can be fresh or previously frozen. It can be years past the drinkable date. 

Once we get your milk/inclusions our workshop we will email you. We do these emails 2X per week on Tuesday's & Friday's. 

We have a very SECURE labeling system as well as strict creation procedures in place. Your milk NEVER leaves your order form and everything is triple labeled so you can rest assured that you will be getting a piece back that has YOUR milk. Integrity is a huge part of our company. We have a dedicated workshop space for processing and creating.  We do a lot of behind the scenes on how Instagram page if you are interested in seeing more about our process. 

We use high quality jewelry. Sterling silver 925 & 14k gold filled over sterling silver 925 & resin that protects against yellowing when cared for properly. 

These are some of the most common questions we get. Don't see your question? Write to info@wildflowersandmilk.com and we'll get back to you ASAP!

Follow these tips to ensure your piece lasts a lifetime! ***Please note that not following these care tips may result in damage to your piece.

Remove your jewelry before sleeping, showers, swimming, washing up, laying out in the sun, etc.

Store your jewelry out of direct sunlight.

Avoid exposing your jewelry to chemicals and cleaning products. This includes perfume, hair spray, cleaning solutions, nail polish remover, antibacterial hand sanitizer, etc.

Use a soft polishing cloth to clean your piece.

This is our most asked question! The process of mailing milk is fairly easy. But we do ask that you follow the steps accordingly for the smoothest transition possible.
Once you place your order within 48 hours you'll get an email to your inbox with detailed instructions for next steps. US customers will get a printable mailing label to ship the milk You'll need is a 8.5x12 or smaller bubble mailer to ship the milk in.

You will measure out 15ml of milk and place inside a STERILE breastmilk bag and seal tightly. Skipping this step and using a zip lock or other container can result in mold growth which means we won't be able to use it for your piece.

After the breastmilk is securely sealed inside the sterile breastmilk bag you'll want to add this bag inside of a zip lock bag. Clearly label with your first & last name + order number.

Place this inside a 8.5x12 or smaller bubble mailer tape on the printable shipping label and it's ready to be dropped off at any USPS location OR picked up by USPS. (You can leave in your mailbox with the flag up or schedule a pickup online.)

PLEASE DO NOT MAIL YOUR LAST BIT OF MILK! IF you only have a 1/2 oz please email us! We can work with less if needed.

As long as the milk is shipped securely inside a sterile breastmilk bag it will be in perfect condition for using in your piece.Because the milk isn't being consumed and actually goes through a preserving process it's okay if it's "not drinkable". 

We ask that you send 15ml of milk, which is about 1/2 oz. This will be enough milk even if you purchase more than once piece. However; if you don't have the a full 15ml OR it's all you have left please email us about options. We can still work with you without taking your last little bit!

It takes about 3-4 days to fully finish a piece. Day one is heating and preserving the milk into a paste! This has to dry for a full 24 hours before we can grind it into a fine powder.

Once we have a powder from the milk we then can start to create with our resin meduim. We mix and pour into the desired mold for you piece. This then has to cure for another 1-2 days depending on the size of the piece.

Once the stone is dry we can remove carefully from the mold, clean up the edges, and drill a hole if needed.

If your stone is being set inside a setting (ring/pendant) we have to mix the special glue up and carefully place the stone inside the setting. This then cures for an additional 1-2 days!

Once it's ready it goes through a quaility check and inspection before shipment. It's gift wrapped up with love and sent on its way!

We take this part very seriously! We have a very detailed labeling process. We also never have more than 1 order out at a time to ensure nothing ever gets mixed up!

YES! Some of the pieces we've created have been from breastmilk that's 5+ year old. As long as it was stored properly inside a sterile breastmilk bag & has no mold we can use it to create your piece!

Yes. If you have milk from different breastfeeding journeys that'd you'd like mixed in one piece you can just measure 7.5mm of both inside 1 sterile breastmilk bag.

If you'd like two pieces made separately please place TWO separate orders OR email us for a custom arrangement.

Though most orders will get back to you within 3 weeks, please allow up to 8-12 full weeks before getting your piece. This turn around time clock starts the day we receive your milk at our workshop. As soon as we get your milk we'll send you an email letting you know it arrived safe and upon request get an ETA based on our creation calendar.

Yes! If you got your placenta turned into capsules we need about 1/2 of a capsule to create with.

Great question! There is almost always extra milk preserve left over that can be used on future pieces! We will keep this on file for you. If you ever want to order from us again we will have it in your client file. We plan on keeping milk preserve at LEAST a full 12 months. If we purge anything we will contact you first.

We always suggest to FIRST go to a local jeweler and get it done there, but if that isn't possible Zales has some great DIY hacks!

Our pieces are Sterling Silver 925 or 14K Gold Filled over Sterling Silver 925. Gold filled jewelry is the closest you can get to solid (it's the plated stuff you want to watch out for). All of our pieces are nickel free!

YES! We ship WORLDWIDE! You just have to mail your milk to us. First Class is the most popular way to mail it. You’ll just need a small bubble mailer. Milk doesn’t need to be shipped cold & we only need 1/2an oz (about 15mm)!

Once you checkout on our website you'll get a detailed email about how to package your milk for mailing + the address to our workshop.

Have no fear! If you don't see your ring size listed under a piece that you want, please write us at info@wildflowersandmilk.com AND after we've confirmed by email, please write your ring size in the custom request box to place your order!

You can make changes to your order BEFORE it is pulled for creation. Please email us at info@wildflowersandmilk.com for any chances so we can confirm your change or let you know your piece is already being created!