Thanks for stopping by! Here is a quick overview of how we take YOUR breastmilk and turn it into timeless jewelry here at Wild Flowers & Milk™ 

If you don't find the answer you are looking for on this page please email us directly - info@wildflowersandmilk.com

Our customer service is open Tuesday-Friday each week!

How it works STEP 1:
The first step would be to visit our Design Guide, Gallery, and Instagram to see all our options and creative styles. Once you get a feel for what you want, it's time to customize your piece! On each product page, you can customize your piece with inclusion options. Go classic with just milk or get wild with it and add flakes, flowers, and shimmer!

*If you have a specific idea for the design of your piece, PLEASE add this to the custom request box or leave blank to give us creative freedom.

Every piece is 100% one of a kind. We will honor custom requests to the best of our creative abilities. Each piece is hand crafted and art is not an exact science.

Once you place your order please reply back to your order confirmation email with screen shots of your inspiration behind the design you requested.

Please ensure your order is correct and accurate before placing this includes but is not limited to inclusions, style selection, and sizing. We cannot always accommodate changes and some changes will ensure a fee.

How it works STEP 2 *Mailing Milk* 

Once you've placed your order within 24-48 business hours, we will email you detailed instructions on mailing your milk to us. If you are in the USA, you have the option of getting a pre-paid mailing label or sending with your own postage. If you are international, you will be responsible postage to get your milk to us. But the process for packing the milk sample is the same for both domestic and international. 

It is highly recommended that you mail your milk within TWO WEEKS of ordering. If you are not ready to mail your milk, it is best to wait to place your order.

If you are mailing other items like hair, placenta, or flowers with your milk, each item needs its own ziplock bag and to be labeled. Hair NEEDS to be tied into a lock with a piece of string. PLEASE let us know you are sending these so we can document on your file & prep for out intake properly.

Notes: Milk does NOT need to be shipped cold. Fresh, previously frozen, and even expired milk works great! Please only send what we need as this prevents leaks during transit. If you have a frozen bag with more than 0.5 oz, you'll need to thaw and remove 0.5 oz into a new breastmilk bag.

-Secure half an OZ of milk inside a sterile breastmilk bag. 

-Label Bag with order # + first and last name

-Place breastmilk bag inside of a ziplock baggie (freezer ones are best for preventing leaks). 

-Label ziplock with order # + first and last timeSecure in a bubble mailer 

-Attach mailing label and send off! (If you are using a pre-paid domestic label, these are shipped via USPS) 

*INTERNATIONAL orders, please label the outside of your bubble mailer with your order number.*

How it works STEP 3 *Milk Arrives*
We do our 'milk intake' two times per week (excluding holidays).

We will email you, letting you know your milk has arrived. The turnaround time on your order will start the day you get said email.

Please note that once you have received this email NO CHANGES can be made to your existing order.

Turn around time:

Our current turnaround time is 12-20 weeks. Please keep in mind we are a small team and put family first. We limit our orders per month so we can provide the best possible service to our customers.

This can change depending on order volume and other uncontrollable factors, that is why it is always best to mail your milk within two weeks of ordering!

It takes about 5-6 days to fully finish a piece. Day one is heating and preserving the milk into a paste! This has to dry for a full 24 hours before we can grind it into a fine powder.

Once we have a powder from the milk we then can start to create with our resin medium. We create your one of a kind breastmilk stone!

Once it's ready, it goes through a quality check and inspection before moving into our shipment queue.

It's gift wrapped up with love and sent on its way! *YOU WILL GET A TRACKING NUMBER WHEN YOUR ORDER SHIPS*

Flowers, Hair, Ashes, Placenta: 

We welcome you to send in your own special inclusions! Please drop a note in the custom request box letting us know you want to include something else so we can get you the proper packaging instructions. Wild Flowers & Milk will not be held liable for improper packaging of inclusions.

Flowers:  When sending flowers, they MUST be 10000000% dried before sending. Please secure safely inside their own zip lock labeled with your order # + first and last name. 

Hair: We only need a small lock; please tie it together with a piece of string and add it into its own zip lock labeled with your order # + first and last name. 

Ashes: We will handle your loved one's ashes with love and care. You will want to send about 1/2 a teaspoon. Please secure inside a zip lock bag and label with your order # + first and last name. Any unused ashes will be returned to you with your order unless you'd like us to keep them on file for future pieces. 


Placenta must be dehydrated, we only need about 1/2 a capsule. Please secure inside it's own ziplock bag and label with your order # + first and last name.

Yes. If you have milk from different breastfeeding journeys that you'd like mixed in one piece, you can measure half and half to get the half oz OR if you'd like two pieces made separately, please make sure to let us know so that we can let you know how to package everything, so it's labeled clearly on our end.

At this time we do not charge extra for this.

Our standard: 

We have a very SECURE labeling system, as well as, strict creation procedures in place. Your milk NEVER leaves your order form, and everything is triple labeled, so you can rest assured that you will be getting a piece back that has YOUR milk.

Integrity is a huge part of our company. We have a dedicated workshop space for processing and creating. We do a lot of behind the scenes on our Instagram page if you are interested in seeing more about our process. We try to be as transparent as possible! 

We use high-quality jewelry HANDCRAFTED pieces. Each piece is 100% one of a kind and will have some character. We use Sterling silver 925 & 14k gold filled & resin that protects against yellowing when cared for properly. 

Follow these tips to ensure your piece lasts a lifetime! ***Please note that not following these care tips may result in damage to your piece. 

-Remove your jewelry before sleeping, showers, swimming, washing up, laying out in the sun, etc.

-Store your jewelry out of direct sunlight. 

-Avoid exposing your jewelry to chemicals and cleaning products. This includes perfume, hair spray, cleaning solutions, nail polish remover, antibacterial hand sanitizer, etc.

-Use a soft polishing cloth to clean your piece, even if you do not wear your piece daily. It should be polished a couple of times a year.

Sterling silver is something that will need to be polished every once in a while to maintain it's shinny look. You can use silver polish on these pieces (just be careful to avoid the stone). It's best to store jewelry in airtight containers as sterling silver can tarnish when exposed to salty air, chlorine, sulfur, humidity, perspiration, cosmetics, household bleach, and other strong chemicals

Great question! There is almost always extra milk preserve leftover that can be used on future pieces! We will keep this on file for you. If you ever want to order from us again, we will have it in your client file. As long as Wild Flowers & Milk is around, we will have your milk on file!

We highly recommend going to see a professional jeweler for this. Due to the nature of the breastmilk stone our rings CANNOT be resized.

There is a lot of room for error with the DIY methods of at home measuring.

If you are unsure of your ring size PLEASE see a professional to get sized and you'll want to do this prior to placing an order.

If you need to update your ring size with us you can do so prior to your milk arriving to our workshop, there will be a $50 fee to do so.

Once your milk arrives to our workshop we can no longer accept ANY CHANGES to your order.

Have no fear! If you don't see your ring size listed under a piece that you want, please write us at info@wildflowersandmilk.com AND after we've confirmed by email, please write your ring size in the custom request box to place your order!

If you have not sent your milk yet and wish to cancel your order you have 24 hours to do so. There will be a $50 convince fee applied.

After the 24 hours you can request a store credit for to be applied towards future orders.

USA: sticker only orders $6 shipping, for all other orders $10

*IF YOU WOULD LIKE US TO SEND YOU A LABEL TO GET YOUR MILK TO US, PLEASE SELECT LABEL + PRIORITY SHIPPING AT CHECKOUT* If this shipping option is NOT selected you are responsible for getting your milk to us.

International: All shipping $20


All international orders are subject to customs fees and or import taxes paid by purchaser. Wild Flowers & Milk is not responsible for these fees. Please take this into account when ordering.

If you need to update your shipping address, you must email us directly with the new address and confirm its update.

We are no longer able to reach out prior to shipping.

If you do not provide us an update your order will be shipped to the address on file.

Think of it as a little extra SPICE to add to your liquid gold (breastmilk!) It is very minimal & is not meant to overwhelm the piece, just add some iradescence to the milk stone!

IF you opt to have shimmer in your piece:

925 Sterling Silver Pieces will have silver shimmer & 14K Gold Filled Pieces will have gold shimmer.