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Wild Flowers & Milk: How Breast Milk Jewelry Became More Than Just a Side Hustle!Wild Flowers & Milk: How Breast Milk Jewelry Became More Than Just a Side Hustle!

I never expected my simple side hustle to transform into a thriving business that supports my entire family and embodies my vision of connection and slowness. 

Wild Flowers & Milk was born out of chaos, bringing beauty into my life and the lives of my customers. 

The journey began when I started a blog to share my motherhood experiences, leveraging the power of social media to monetize it and transform it into a content creation company. However, the challenges of 2020 and the demands of motherhood forced me to pause and reevaluate. This led me to discover the art of creating breast milk jewelry, a creative outlet that fueled my passion and provided a sense of purpose. The unexpected success of this side hustle propelled me into launching a business that resonates with customers around the world. 

As I transitioned from burnout to a balanced approach, I recognized the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences by creating the Wild Flowers & Milk Breast Milk Jewelry Business Masterclass. It was through connecting with my students that I rediscovered my love for helping others grow their businesses, leading me to launch Birth Worker Bestie. My mission with this sister company is to provide support and guidance for birth workers in scaling their businesses. 

I am thrilled for this new chapter and look forward to helping entrepreneurs build thriving businesses while maintaining a sense of balance.

The Early Roots of My Entrepreneurial Journey: Discovering My Passion for Photography

Photography was my gateway to the entrepreneurial world. It started with a simple camera and the desire to capture life's fleeting moments. I found joy in the way light bounced off surfaces and the challenge of framing a story within the confines of a lens. This hobby quickly turned into something more when friends and family began requesting shoots for their special occasions. 

As I fine-tuned my skills, I realized that photography was more than just a pastime; it was a business. It sharpened my eye for detail and taught me the importance of patience and timing—skills that would later become invaluable in my business pursuits. This was the first taste of turning a love into a livelihood, and it set the stage for my future ventures. 


My Rollercoaster Relationship with Retail Jobs

Before I embraced the entrepreneurial path, I clocked in countless hours in retail. These jobs were a rollercoaster ride—often unpredictable and always demanding. Each shift was a new lesson in human behavior, a crash course in sales tactics, and a test of my patience. 


I juggled the responsibilities of customer service, inventory management, and the ever-present pressure to meet sales targets.  There were days when the grind felt endless. In hindsight, these experiences were foundational. They honed my interpersonal skills, thickened my skin, and ignited a spark to take control of my own career. 

Retail taught me resilience, a trait that would become my backbone when I later ventured out on my own. It was clear that I was ready for more—ready to be the one calling the shots.

Stepping into the Wilderness: Motherhood, Finding My Voice and Discovering My Newfound Identity as a Mompreneur

Motherhood was the turning point where I truly found my voice. As I navigated the joys and challenges of being a new mother, I started to see the world through a different lens. I was no longer just an individual with dreams; I was a mom with a mission to make those dreams a reality for the sake of my child. 

Blogging about my experiences opened up a community of support and shared stories, which I never anticipated. It was through this that I stumbled upon the concept of being a 'mompreneur'—a mother and an entrepreneur. This identity resonated with me deeply. It acknowledged the unique experiences that come with managing a family while building a business. It gave me a sense of belonging and purpose. I had found a niche that perfectly blended my personal journey with professional aspirations, and it was empowering.


Monetizing Motherhood: Turning Experience to Revenue

The concept of monetizing motherhood came naturally. It was a seamless step to take my blogging from a hobby to a source of income. I had built a community that trusted my voice, so when I began to offer products and services tailored to mothers, the response was positive. I integrated affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and eventually my own line of merch. 

The key was authenticity; I only shared and created products that I believed in and that I knew would add value to my audience's lives. This approach ensured that monetization felt organic rather than forced. I learned that my experiences, shared so openly, could not only support other mothers but could also support my own family financially. This realization was profound, and it affirmed my belief that personal passions can indeed translate into viable businesses.


The Joy of Entrepreneurial Consulting: A Fulfilling Phase

As my blog grew, so did opportunities to share my knowledge with other aspiring entrepreneurs. This new role as a consultant was incredibly fulfilling. I found joy in helping others navigate the often murky waters of starting and growing their own businesses. I leveraged my experiences to guide them through branding, marketing strategies, and work-life balance—all with the unique perspective of doing it all as a parent. 

Each success story from my clients brought a sense of accomplishment that was deeply gratifying. It felt like I was not just building a business; I was building a community. This phase of my career was a reminder that sharing knowledge is powerful and that my journey could inspire and assist others in tangible ways. It was a confirmation that I had valuable insights to offer, and it reinforced my confidence in the path I had chosen. Navigating the chaos  of 2020.


The Unforeseen Impact of COVID-19 on Small Businesses

The arrival of COVID-19 was like a storm that hit small businesses with little warning. Many small businesses, including my own, faced unprecedented challenges. Physical stores had to close their doors, and online businesses grappled with disrupted supply chains and a sudden drop in consumer spending. 

For entrepreneurs around the globe, it was a time of uncertainty and rapid adaptation. We had to rethink our strategies and pivot to survive. This period tested our resilience and creativity. It forced us to connect with our customers in new ways and to be more flexible than ever before. Despite the difficulties, this time also presented a unique opportunity to reflect on our business models and to fine-tune our operations for a post-pandemic world.


The Pause that Allowed for Self-Care and Family Time

As the world slowed down during the lockdowns, so did the pace of my life. This pause was unexpected but offered a silver lining—it allowed time for self-care and family. 

With the hustle of everyday business on hold, I could breathe and refocus on health and home. It was during this time that I reconnected with my children and partner on a deeper level. We found joy in simple activities, and I was reminded of why I started my business in the first place: to have the flexibility to be present with my loved ones. 

This period also emphasized the importance of self-care. I began to integrate practices into my daily routine that helped maintain my mental and physical well-being. This pause wasn't just a break; it was a reset button that helped me realign my priorities and come back stronger, both as a business owner and as a parent.


The Birth of Wild Flowers & Milk: A Creative Outlet Weaning and the Unexpected Emotional Storm

The process of weaning my second child was an emotional journey, one that I hadn't fully anticipated. It marked the end of a significant chapter in both of our lives and brought a flood of emotions—nostalgia, sadness, and also a sense of freedom.. and SO much guilt.. 

As I navigated this complex emotional rollercoaster, I sought a way to honor this period of motherhood. That's when I discovered the concept of breast milk jewelry. It was the perfect way to commemorate the bond between a mother and her child, capturing a moment in time that was fleeting and precious.

This discovery sparked something in me; it blended my creative instincts with my personal experiences. I started creating pieces for myself, and soon, other mothers were asking for their own. What began as a personal project quickly turned into a business idea that felt both natural and needed. It was the start of something beautiful.


The Art and Science of Preserving Human Milk in Jewelry

Creating breast milk jewelry is a delicate blend of art and science. The process begins with preserving the milk, which involves careful drying and powdering to maintain its natural beauty and integrity. Then, it's about crafting that milk into a wearable keepsake. 

There's a meticulous process to ensure the milk is perfectly encapsulated within the jewelry, safeguarding it from the elements. I invested time in learning the chemistry behind preservation and the skills needed for jewelry-making. This fascinated me, as it allowed me to create something deeply personal and enduring. Each piece was a celebration of motherhood and a tribute to the incredible journey of nurturing a child. 

As I honed this craft, it became clear that there was a demand for these pieces. Mothers everywhere wanted to hold onto a piece of their journey, and I was thrilled to help them do just that.


Turning a Hobby into a Business

The leap from hobby to business wasn't instant. It required planning, courage, and a belief that my craft could resonate with others. My initial creations were well-received, and word-of-mouth spread. I set up an online shop, shared my work on social media, and connected with motherhood groups. To my delight, orders began to pour in. I was turning a deeply personal passion into a flourishing business. As I navigated this transition, I kept a few principles in mind: maintain the quality of each piece, foster a strong connection with customers, and stay true to the essence of why I started. 

Balancing creativity with commerce was challenging, but each sale reinforced that I was on the right path. My hobby of creating breast milk jewelry was now a business, Wild Flowers & Milk, with a mission to celebrate and honor the bond of motherhood.


A Journey of Self-Discovery: Overcoming Burnout and Setting BoundariesRecognizing the Warning Signs of Burnout

As Wild Flowers & Milk began to flourish, the initial excitement couldn't shield me from the creeping signs of burnout. Long hours, constant decision-making, and the pressure to sustain growth started to take a toll. I noticed the early warnings: fatigue, irritability, and a diminishing passion for the work that once energized me. 

My creativity was fading, and the balance between work and family life was getting extremely uncomfortable. Acknowledging these signs was the first crucial step in addressing burnout. I understood that to preserve the integrity of my business and personal well-being, I needed to make some changes. It was time to set boundaries, delegate tasks, and prioritize self-care. This self-awareness was a pivotal moment in my journey as an entrepreneur but also was a partner and mother. It allowed me to regain control and ensure the sustainability of both my health and my business.


Learning the Art of Boundary Setting

Setting boundaries turned out to be an art form in itself. I started by clearly defining work hours and communicating them to customers, which helped manage their expectations. I also learned to say no to projects that didn't align with my business or creative vision. It wasn't easy; the fear of lost opportunities often nagged at me. 

However, as I became more comfortable with boundaries, I noticed a positive shift. My time with family became more focused and fulfilling, and when I did work, I was more productive and creative. I invested in tools and systems to automate parts of my business, freeing up mental space and energy. I also outsourced tasks that others could do better or that didn't require my personal touch. These steps towards boundary setting not only helped me avoid burnout but also led to a more structured and successful business operation.


The Gift of Third Time Motherhood: A Catalyst for Change

Becoming a mother for the third time was a profound experience that brought about significant change in my life and work. With each child, I had grown as a person and as an entrepreneur, but this time was different. I felt a stronger urge to slow down and soak in every precious moment. This period of my life acted as a catalyst for reassessing my priorities and the direction of my business. It reinforced the necessity of creating a sustainable work-life balance that could adapt to the needs of a growing family. 

I began to implement systems within my business that allowed for greater flexibility, and I became more intentional about carving out time for myself and for nurturing my children's development. Embracing motherhood for the third time reminded me that change is not only inevitable but also a chance to evolve in both personal and professional realms. 


Sharing Wisdom through the Wild Flowers & Milk Masterclass: Empowering Women Worldwide to Start a Breast Milk Jewelry Business

The creation of the Wild Flowers & Milk Breast Milk Jewelry Masterclass was about sharing the wisdom I'd gained and empowering women around the world to start their own breast milk jewelry businesses. I wanted to offer a blueprint that could help others turn their passion into profit. The masterclass covers everything from the technical aspects of jewelry making to the nuances of building a brand and connecting with customers. It's designed to be comprehensive yet accessible, ensuring even those with no prior experience can find success. 

By sharing my journey, the mistakes I made, and the strategies that worked, I aimed to shorten the learning curve for others. The masterclass has become a community where women support and inspire each other, proving that entrepreneurship doesn't have to be a solitary journey. It's a space where creative expression and business savvy meet, empowering participants to create a livelihood that celebrates motherhood.


The Unexpected Return to My Love for Business Consulting

Teaching the masterclass rekindled my love for business consulting. It was an unexpected return to a passion that I had temporarily set aside. As I guided students through the process of starting and growing their own businesses, I found myself immersed in their success stories and challenges. The connection with each student reminded me of the joy I find in helping others navigate the complex world of entrepreneurship. My approach was hands-on, offering personalized advice and sharing insights from my own experiences. 

This reconnection with business consulting was fulfilling on a personal level and added a new dimension to my professional life. It led to deeper engagement with my community and expanded my network. I was once again in a position to influence and shape the futures of aspiring entrepreneurs, and that brought a renewed sense of purpose to my work.


Introducing Birth Worker Bestie: A Sister Company Scaling Business From Doula to Entrepreneur

The transition from having a birth worker passion to entrepreneur is a journey that many birth workers aspire to make. With Birth Worker Bestie, I focused on helping these professionals scale their businesses. The goal was to teach them not just to provide exceptional services, but also to think like entrepreneurs. This meant understanding marketing, branding, and the client experience from a business owner's perspective. 

Many doulas and birth workers are passionate about their work but may lack the business acumen needed to grow their practice sustainably. Birth Worker Bestie provided the tools and guidance necessary to bridge that gap. By adopting entrepreneurial principles, birth workers could expand their reach, diversify their services, and create a more stable income, but also learn how to sustain it all without burnout! 


My Mission: A Supportive Companion to Birth Workers

My mission with Birth Worker Bestie was to be a supportive companion to birth workers on their journey to entrepreneurship. Having experienced the challenges of starting and growing a business firsthand, I wanted to offer solidarity and practical advice. I aimed to create a space where birth workers could find guidance on not just the 'how' but also the 'why' behind their business decisions. It was about more than just making money; it was about building a practice that aligned with their values and life goals. 

I wanted to help them navigate the complexities of business ownership while staying true to their passion for supporting families during one of life's most transformative experiences. Birth Worker Bestie was designed to be a source of encouragement, a place to turn to for resources, and a community where birth workers could learn to thrive professionally without compromising their personal well-being.

And so, the journey continues. Each day brings a new opportunity to learn and grow. But what I want to emphasize is this isn't just my story. It could be your story too. Being an entrepreneur isn't a title that you're born with; it's a title that you earn through resilience, creativity, and a desire to make a positive impact.

Whether you're dreaming of turning a passion into a business, scaling your already established business, or are longing to create a sense of balance in your entrepreneurial life - know that you are not alone. 

Remember, this crazy entrepreneurship life shouldn't have to be a solitary journey. Learn from those who've walked the path before you. Embrace the art of balance, build bridges, and foster connections that nourish your entrepreneurial spirit. Be brave, be resilient, and above all, believe in your ability to create something beautiful, meaningful, and uniquely yours.

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