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Custom Breastmilk Jewelry rings and necklaces

About Us

Wild Flowers & Milk™


Wild Flowers & Milk™ is brand that specializes in custom breastmilk jewelry we preserve our customers breastmilk into beautiful timeless pieces of jewelry to celebrate and honor their breastfeeding! We are all about empowering moms to stop playing the compare game. Encouraging them to take a moment to stop and celebrate themselves for the AMAZING. 


Meet Sadiee

Hi! I'm Sadiee! My title? Photographer, Videographer, Content Creator, Business Consultant, Breastmilk Jewelry Artist... And now screen-printer?! I'm sure there will be something new added tomorrow... Can you tell I like doing all the things? 

 I've got two little ones that call me "Mama," and sometimes, when my three-nager is annoyed, she switches it up and calls me "MOMMM!"  ​ 

A husband that calls me "Babe." ​ 

 But most people just call me “​SADIEE”

I am beyond passionate about all things childbirth and breastfeeding education. I even had one of those crazy water births at home.  As I began the weaning process of my second child, I was feeling all the feels, and after some extensive research and LOTS of trials and error, Wild Flowers & Milk™ was born. I never expected to be where I am today with this brand. I wake up every day grateful and humbled by all the support for what we are doing.

I'm committed to only selling and creating products and services that I can 100% stand behind and love. I keep it real. If you're still reading this, WOW, I didn't lose ya! I can never make it through a bio page #truestory. Thanks for sticking around! I’m looking forward to working with you! Please reach out with any questions!!

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