Breastmilk Jewelry Photo Gallery

Breastmilk Jewelry Photo Gallery

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Wild Flowers & Milk™ 

Favorite Breastmilk Jewelry COMOBS 

Here is where you will find some of our favorite pieces and most popular custom requests! To see more about all our options please see our Design Guide which breaks down all the offerings! Please keep in mind that every piece is 100% of a kind. 


Liquid Gold Drop

Full Forget Me Not + Crushed petals and gold flakes trailing along the side

Milky Moon 10mm 

Silver Flakes 

Mama's Drop Earrings 

June Red Rose 

Milky Celebration 

Crushed Sept Morning Glory Flower off to one side of the pendant

Milky Moon 10mm 

Shimmer + Gold Flakes off to one side

Latched Ring

Rainbow inspired in the larger stone with flowers in color order + gold flakes for 'clouds'. Smaller stone a Forget Me Not 

Milky Moon Double Band 

Shimmer + Gold flakes along the top + Periwinkle Larkspur as a mountain design

Milky Mini Circle 

Gold Flakes 

Milky Moon 10mm 

Red Jan Flower shaped like a crescent moon. Silver flakes as 'stars' with crushed opal + shimmer. 

Milky Mini Circle 

April Daisy + Copper Flakes

Mama's Drop Necklace 

Periwinkle Larkspur + Silver Flakes 

Milky Mini Oval 

Larkspur + Wild Flowers + Shimmer + Gold Flakes. Flowers and flakes placed around edge for a 'circle' effect.

Latched Ring

Larger Stone Gold Flakes and Green Moss. Smaller Stone Gold Flakes & Fern

Celebration Duo 

Pink Larkspur with gold flakes placed at the top side and bottom side + shimmer 

Milky Celebration Ring 

Shimmer swirled 

Mama's Drop DELUXE 

August Poppy Flowers Crushed off to one side

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